Thursday, February 26, 2009

Come Travel With Me

The last 33 years has seen me active in conducting Teacher Training workshops, Christian Education and Interpersonal Relationship seminars in this country and abroad presenting more than 1100 of them. I have traveled, spoken, used as a consultant, or conducted seminars in 68 denominations and countless independent churches in 48 states and 35 foreign countries.

During my travels I kept a journal of interesting places and impressions of humor or inspiration that locale brought to me. Always I spent time researching adding to my knowledge of the places either before or after to increase my interest in where I would be visiting. In some cases a number of years have passed and quotes or resources have been lost but no intent to discredit or misquote was done. Most was done for my edification and originally publishing was not considered until the demand by friends and others.

The book contains 117 stories of the places I have visited. Over the years many articles have been published that are not in the genre of this book. These have been published since 2004 as a weekly column called "Here and There" in a regional newspaper in Farmington, Missouri formally owned by the famous Pulitzer family of St. Louis.

Besides the printed editions the articles were sent out via internet entitled "Monday Moments" to a few thousand readers and a Blog by the same name has many of the published stories at

Weekly emails and comments come from many states and foreign countries who ask to be added to the weekly emailing or with permission to forward to their lists.

Due to the constant requests for a book of these stories, I have chosen the 117 which I hope are enjoyed by each who wish to take a word tour with me.

Dr. Alton Loveless

CALL ME A world traveler, yet I’ve rarely crossed the borders of my own country. Still I’ve traveled far and wide in the words of Dr. Alton Loveless over the past few years. Dr. Loveless is an inspiration and wonder, all wrapped up in the flesh of a man. Here’s a man who has visited countless nations, spoke in some of the most exotic and remote churches on the globe, yet when he recounts his travels in print it is as if I am there climbing that mountain, or sitting in that airplane seat looking out over the wing at the mountains and valleys of some remote region. I first met Dr. Loveless when a minister in the town where I manage the hometown newspaper came into my offi ce to introduce me to their new associate pastor. He told me how Dr. Alton Loveless had spent many decades in the printing fi eld – having worked for and managed a publishing house for the last decade of his career. It didn’t take but a couple weeks for me to be introduced to the new minister’s writings. Immediately I was hooked. In the years since, Dr. Loveless became a regular contributor to the local newspaper with a weekly column. He quickly drew a following of faithful readers. Countless times I’ve been thanked by readers for including his works in the local paper by his friends and neighbors . . .and in many cases, complete strangers who were drawn to the pictures he painted with words.Whether it be the reader who’s lot in life has kept them from traveling abroad, or the traveler who longs to experience more beyond his or her borders – Dr. Alton Loveless can take you there. I’m sure you will find his travel writings to be every bit as realistic, entertaining and enjoyable as my readers has.
--Doug Smith, General Manager, Farmington Press

“For a guy who has never set foot outside the USA, I feel like a seasoned world traveler, thanks to Alton Loveless who picks me up on his magic carpet called “Monday Moments.” We’ve uncovered history in London, waded in the Jordan River, heard the roar of hunting lions in Africa, and cheered American servicemen at 30,000 feet returning home from far-flung battlefields. Climb aboard—we saved a seat for you.”

—Dr. Jack Williams, Director of Communications, FWBBC, Nashville, Tennesse

Reader Testimonies:
“'Monday Moments' is a favorite read for me. Its short, inspiring narrative is just what I need to begin my week."
– Winnie Yandell, Pastor’s wife, Oklahoma

"My wife and I have enjoyed reading all the articles that you have sent out called 'Monday Moments.' They are always spiritually uplifting and fascinating reading. Please continue writing them."
– Gerald & Norma McAllister, Nashville, Tennessee

"I have enjoyed and appreciated the 'Monday Moments' articles I have read. Having lived in another country myself for many years, I like the way you often utilize traveling experiences to relate them to God’s eternal truth and man’s need. God bless you and thanks."
– Earnie Deeds, Oklahoma. Retired Missionary to Brazil

"Dr. Loveless your stories are fascinating and I enjoy reading them."
– Dr. Ramakrishna Venkatesh, University of Kentucky Medical School-Professor/Surgeon, Lexington, Kentucky.

"I enjoy reading your 'Monday Moments.'”
– Leroy Scudder, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

"Thanks for the wise insight you share in 'Monday Moments.' Your journey all across the land has blessed and inspired our lives. Thanks for sharing!"
– Rev. Tim Stout, Columbus, Ohio.

"As a bi-vocational pastor I am blessed to be able to receive 'Monday Moments' on my PC. It’s refreshing and uplifting to read about your travels and experiences – always given with a perspective of God’s word."
– Don White, Pastor, Bristol, Tennessee.

"Hi Alton. – What a wonderful message today about your travel woes."
– Jane Hinkle, Doctor’s wife, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

"Thank you for the delightful and instructive story. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
– Al Taylor, Cleveland, Tennessee.

"As always, I enjoy your 'Monday Moments.'”
– Ron Ball, Kansas City, Kansas.

"With an adventurous spirit, Dr. Loveless has journalized his lifetime travels that parallels a rich and inspiring spiritual journey in His Father’s world. Sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride!"
– Dr. Greg Sergent, Pastor, Wise, Virginia.

"Dr. Loveless’s 'Monday Moments' are interesting and his descriptions of places where he and his wife have visited are always vivid and enticing. His writing is refreshing in that it reveals appreciation of God’s glory and grandeur seen in creation. In a day when many seem to be blind to natural revelation, Dr. Loveless points a straight finger at God in the architecture of this world."
– Jeff Crabtree, Pastor, Fredericton, New Brunswick,Canada.

"Alton Loveless has been my friend for 50 years. I have enjoyed his writings and ministry. His faithfulness and experience have been helpful and a blessing to those who know him."
– George C. Lee, Goldsboro, NC.

"Being frightened walking over the Royal Gorge Bridge or being shut in by heavy snow in Colorado, it was if I was there reliving my travels while reading 'Monday Moments'. Then there are places I have never been except for through Dr. Loveless having captured the moment – kissing in a covered bridge, accidentally violating a rule at the birthplace of Jesus. The title of his piece “Bahamas a Foreign Land Just Minutes Away” has stuck with me, asking me why haven’t I been there after reading his interesting introduction to the area?"
– Marlene Nordstrom, Photographer/Writer, Massachusetts

See Contents for list of stories in the book.

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